Swan Neck

J went to physio and she has got her wrist to the best it can be.

She has a swan neck finger because the fingers don’t bend to exercise to counter react. She has to wear a special ‘ring’ to stop her fingers hyper extending.


The skin flap is healing nicely. J has been offered liposuction if she wishes but she does not want this in the near future.

J is back enjoying life and back dancing and meeting up with friends.

She still wants to do Nursing but that is 2 years away and she is adapting all the time.

She has the option of further surgery in the future if she wants a muscle transplant which is a very tricky procedure as tendons etc have to be grown and a muscle taken from elsewhere and attached.

This would give J some fine motor movement, which she does not have and will not get without the replacement of a muscle.However new technology is always happening and I seen something exciting if it becomes a reality and gives hope.