9 months after muscle removal

9 months after what seemed like the most difficult time of our lives, after straightening the wrist as J had Volkmann Contracture and removing the dead muscle from her arm and making a skin flap from skin and fat taken from her leg.

J has now finished college and resat her GCSE maths as she missed her year 11 GCSE exams due to pain and time in hospital.

She went swimming last week and is so resilient and brave and wore her swimwear with confidence. She makes me feel so proud with her positive outlook.

She will be starting her A levels in September and wants to get into Nursing.  She starts voluntary placement this week and things seem to be going well for her.

She is doing an outdoor adventure month, next month where she will face many challenges but she shows perseverance and resilience and she can do whatever she sets her mind on.

Thank you for supporting her journey.

Much Love


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