Can do… Will do

J has been wearing the splint for bed ONLY, and doing daily exercises to strengthen her wrist and fingers. Able to use the thumb to hold things but can’t hold much weight.

J is over half way through her college course. Such an achievement as she’s been going to weekly physio, daily at one point and in cast from Sept-Feb.

She intends to do either A levels in Sept or a Health and Social vocational qualification. She wants to go to Uni to be a Nurse, working with Children.  She will need to pass a health test with OT to get a place on the course but its all little steps and she has amazed and surprised everyone who knows her with her positive mental attitude, resilience and determination. That’s how she has got through all the operations she’s had in the past 15 month.

Still stretching and keeping active!


#warrior #resilience #determination



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