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I am writing this as my daughter has this condition as from November 2015 through a gymnastics injury. She was diagnosed with delayed, acute, compartment syndrome.

A condition which can be treated efficiently, IF caught in time.  Time is of the essence with this!

Unfortunately she wasnt diagnosed until 6 weeks after the initial trauma and in December 2015 we were hit with the devastating news that it was too late to do anything and the muscles were too badly damaged.

A fasciotomy wasn’t carried out as the risk of infection was deemed too high and we were told everything had settled down in regards to the internal bleeding.

January 2016 she returned to school and was banged by a student in the line. She developed another bleed. Her arm became tight, painful, swollen and bruised.  She was taken to A&E and admitted for a fasciotomy.

This happened 3 more times. The last 2 she required skin grafts to close the arm.

Her hand started to lose function. Due to scarring on the carpal tunnel after the ladt surgery May 2016, her wrist began to contract.

She had to have another operation September 2016 for volkmann contracture which is a knock on affect from Compartment Syndrome.

This involved removing damaged muscles, tendons and straightening her wrist.  This was a terrible ordeal for her pain wise.

She will be having further surgery in a few days to close the wound by carrying out a skin freeflap.


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